Baby it’s cold outside! No, really it’s freezing, and we makeup lovers know better than to submit our lovely hydrated faces and pretty hair to icy winds and snow. Isn’t it better to enjoy the winter wonderland indoors anyway? Allow us to inspire (er, convince) you to take a personal day and have a little beauty sesh in your warm, cozy home!

Beauty Things to Do When It's Cold Outside

1. Take a Bubble Bath

When the temperatures drop, the best way to turn up the heat is to draw a nice, warm bath. And if you’re gonna do it, do it well. Go all out with the bath bubbles or salts (or both), candles, music and a good book. Nothing soothes the soul like a little dip in the tub. Need some tips on how to do bath time right? Check out this bath how-to!

2. Throw on a Face Mask

While you’re on the pampering train, take it through Skincare Town. Grab that detoxifying mask you’ve been too busy to try and draw out those impurities while the wind and snow blow on by! You won’t be sorry when you take a good look at that glowing, lovely mug! If you need some help on what mask to try, take a look at these suggestions.

3. … and a Hair Mask While You’re at It

Now that your face is good to go, time to move on to your mane. Winter weather can do a number on your locks and dry it right up. Use this indoor time to give your hair a good dose of moisture by investing in a hydrating and nourishing treatment that will transform your hair in no time. Find the mask that’s right for you by reading this

4. Mani/Pedi It Up

Give your nails the royal treatment, because chances are the winter weather has done a number on them too. Dryness doesn’t just target the facial region. No, it goes for the digits, too! Exfoliate and moisturize those hands and feet and top off the treatment with your fave winter nail polish!

5. Play with Your Eye Shadow Palettes

You’ve had that Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette for almost a month now and you still haven’t tested it out on your peepers. For shame! Now that you have some quiet, cozy time, pick up the eye shadow brush and channel your inner Gwen. That’s an order!

6. Organize Your Makeup Drawer

Let’s be honest, your makeup drawer is looking a mess these days. Between the array of makeup sponges, broken compacts and spilled loose powder, there’s some serious work to be done. Do the adult thing and tidy up your makeup kit. The best part of organizing your drawer is that you often find some cool beauty gems you forgot you had!

7. Practice a New Makeup Look

Not sure if you got the memo, but 2016 is like, right around the corner (literally) and with it comes new makeup trends. Get a jumpstart on things and try out a trend that’s gonna be all the rage: grey eye shadow, big brows, dewy skin. The options are endless!

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