When it comes to expressing your beauty gratitude, your manner of tipping speaks volumes—especially if you want that same hot haircut again or you want to be able to saunter into the spa unannounced for an emergency facial in the future. Here are some general guidelines and tips (not of the monetary variety) from the pros: Haircuts or style services: 20-30% Celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson says, “I think tipping is a way to thank your stylist for great service. I say 20 percent is standard but if you love your new haircut and color, up to 30 percent is amaze.” Mike Petrizzi, celebrity colorist at De Berardinis Hair Salon in Chelsea, New York says, “Most of my clients tip 15-20 percent of the color service price. Of course, some clients are extremely generous and I always make sure to take extra good care of them.” Manicures: At least 20% (preferably in cash) When celebrity Nail Stylist Tracylee had her own salon, almost all her customers tipped 20 percent and some even brought her coffee or lunch as a genuine sign of their appreciation. Makeup application: 10-25% According to Betsy Briggs Cathcart of Studio BBC Salon, a “tip” means “to insure promptness.” Don’t tip if your artist is continually running more than 30 minutes behind, always complaining or gossiping. Kelli Bartlett, Product Specialist at MAC Times Square advises customers to “ask the cashier what the store's policy on tipping is when your service is complete. I usually bring 20 percent of the service charge in cash, just in case I can't tip with my card.” Facials: 15-20% Cheryl Anne Katz, founder of Lazur La Vie Day Spa  in Nyack, NY, advises customers to be aware of various tipping practices because of the current economy. While a 20 percent was formerly standard, “the most recent scenario of constrained beauty economics has driven aesthetic tipping down even further,” she says. “A tip of 20 percent on undiscounted, pre-coupon pricing and a ceiling of $20/per hour tip at the high end should be sufficient.”


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