TBH, we couldn’t do much without our moms, especially when it comes to the beauty tips and tricks we’ve acquired throughout the years. In honor of Mother’s Day, we rounded up the best makeup lessons, hacks and rules our moms taught us that we couldn’t be more honored to practice each and everyday. This is for you, makeup-loving mamas!

Mix Lipsticks — Marisa, Assistant Editor

One beauty trick my mom passed down to me was the art mixing my lipstick together to concoct the perfect, personalized lip look. I always used to watch her do this growing up, and I find myself doing the same thing today with my favorite lipsticks.

Line Those Eyes — Alanna, Assistant Editor

As a child, whenever I drew my mom as I colored — I would give her two distinctive features: big hoops (because she always wears hoop earrings!) and a lot of eyeliner. My mom always loves wearing a smoked out line on her bottom lash line, either in deep gray or teal blue, and as I grew older, I always aspired to wear eyeliner just like she does. This seriously stuck with me and now I don’t go a day without an eye pencil in hand.

Quality Makeup FTW — Tembe, Assistant Editor

My mom taught me the importance of quality makeup. My first lip gloss was MAC, and she was really adamant about me buying quality makeup, especially if it was going on my skin. She really stressed skin care and moisturizing, and I've really taken that seriously. Hence why I have a natural #glow.

Define Your Natural Lips — Madison, M Crowd Influencer

The best beauty trick I learned from my mom is lip liner. Full lips or not, a good lip liner will always do your lipstick justice! It helps the lipstick to last longer, and it completes the lip. Everyone should have one or two great lip liners.  

Hydrated Skin Is Non-Negotiable — Ashley, M Crowd Influencer

The best beauty trick I learned from my mom is to keep my skin moisturized! I moisturize my face daily and always carry lotion in my bag to moisturize my hands throughout the day.


Best Concealer Hack In The Book — Lonyea, M Crowd Influencer

One beauty trick I learned from my mom back in middle school was to use my concealer as an eyeshadow primer, and years later that’s STILL what I do!

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