Jan 22, 2015

Each season, Team MDC waits with bated breath to see the newest runway beauty looks (and backstage tricks) to provide inspiration and information on the latest hair and makeup trends. But we often find that rather than discovering something brand new, makeup and hair artists are reinventing classic looks from moments in beauty history.

beauty trends through the decades

And for good reason! We have centuries of makeup trends to pull from. Some societies revered cosmetics for their spiritual properties (we get it), while others adopted it for more practical purposes. Though we'll never know which makeup fads of the last century will make it into the history books of the future, we created a guide to recreating eight of our favorite 20th-century makeup trends. Click on the links below to learn how to bring the look of each era back to life — on your face!

1920s Customized Eyebrows

This trend took off when silent film stars started changing and enhancing their eyebrows to wordlessly communicate.

1930s Face Powder

Pressed face powder was used to smooth the complexion and diminish shiny skin, as a pale, matte look was in vogue.

1940s Half-Moon Manicure

While today it’s considered a fun gateway to nail art, the half-moon manicure was standard in the glamorous 1940s.

1950s Vibrant Lip

There once was a time when no woman would leave the house without her "face on" — meaning, if nothing else, she’d apply lipstick.

1960s Look-At-Me Lashes

In this era, mascara got a boost in the form of false lashes, sometimes worn on both top and bottom eyelids.

1970s Tanned Skin

In this decade, tanning beds were invented and a year-round bronze indicated health and wealth.

1980s Cheek-Sculpting Contouring

Bright blush enjoyed a heyday, when it was used as a contouring tool in the big, bright 80s

Pick your favorite era to recreate, or click on them all to try every decade!

Which beauty era is your favorite? Tell us why in the comments below!

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