We don’t want to imply men are simple creatures (hi, Dad!). We also don’t want to imply that what one man likes, every man likes — and thank goodness for that! But over the years, we’ve heard contradictory statements from men about what they think is hot … or not. Some of them will go on and on (and on) about how they love a girl without makeup only to practically drool at the sight of a girl in red lipstick and caked-on foundation. Don’t get it? Neither do we. Which is why we did our due diligence and checked in with some of the guys for the real scoop. Spoiler alert: Most of the time, it’s not the makeup (or lack thereof) that they like — it’s just you. Want proof? Here’s what one guy we asked had to say: “The point of the matter is — we want to see your natural beauty. We like makeup but not so much that we can’t see how pretty you are.”

Straight Hair

While it’s certainly not for everyone, several guys we talked to said that for a nice night out, they highly prefer the look of straightened hair.

What the guys said about straight hair:

“I like straight long hair, especially when we’re going out.” – J.J.

“I’ve never really thought about it. But straight hair is just sexier.” – Joe, who adds that curly or wavy hair can be sexy, too. (We agree!)

No-Makeup Makeup

Don’t lie. You certainly did not “just wake up” like that. But the common theme around beauty looks men love on women is that they want what you to look like you, even when you’re getting all dressed up.

What the guys said about natural makeup:

“I’ve always valued natural beauty more than anything else. Too much makeup makes me feel like they’re hiding something.” –J.J.

“Thanks to sites like YouTube, guys these days are able to tell what girls look like without makeup. Go with the no-makeup makeup look. He’ll only be pleasantly surprised when you pick up the toolkit and let your inner Van Gogh go to work.” –Erik

“Natural makeup makes sense. Every man wants the woman he wakes up with to look like the one he went to bed with.” –Mario

“I like girls who don’t wear a lot of makeup because I don’t want to date a clown.” – Josh

Smoky Eyes

As much as guys like a natural makeup style, everything has its time and place when used in moderation. Across the board, the men we spoke with said they liked the smoky eye look for special nights out — although we’d be lying if we told you they actually knew to use the words “smoky eye” … but we knew what they meant when they said “when girls wear really dark eye shadow.” ;) 

What the guys said about smoky eyes:

Smoky eyes can be sexy when not overdone.” –Mario

“When going to a black tie event or New Year’s party, dark eye shadow adds mystique that makes guys turn their heads. But remember, guys don't really go ‘WOW that eye shadow is on point!!!!!’ ” – Sean

Cute Casual Hairstyles

While they might prefer the sleek straight hair for date night, the guys we spoke with were all about cute casual hairstyles like ponytails, braids and messy buns under the right circumstances, like just watching a movie at home or out and about during the day.

What the guys said about cute hairstyles:

“The braid and the ponytail when we’re just chilling at home — that’s always really cute. The messy bun is cool, too.” –J.J.

“Wear a high ponytail to the gym. Just do it. #Nike.” –Erik

Which of these looks does your man love most? Tell us what he thinks in the comments! 

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