Angela Melero May 24, 2016

The beauty world is kind of like high school. You have the cool kid (winged eyeliner), your athlete (sunscreen), the drama geek (contouring), the prom queen (red lipstick), etc. Unfortunately, in this little high school hierarchy, pedicures would fall along the nerdy spectrum. Not because they aren’t important or cool, but because their value often goes unnoticed. Specializing in the bottom-most part of the body doesn’t exactly allow you to shine amongst the sunless tanners, mascaras and foundations. Oh, high school politics.

Well, pedicures have flown under the radar long enough. It’s time to recognize this toe-saving practice for the beauty all-star it truly is. Check out all the reasons pedis are voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in our books. Get ready pedicures, it’s your time to shine!


Pedicures Are Fairy Godmothers for Your Feet

Feet are often the last body part we think of when it comes to health and beauty. We generally assume that since they’re covered up with fancy footwear 90 percent of the time, they don’t require much TLC. Well, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. When not moisturized regularly, feet can get extremely dry and cracked (eww, right?). To make matters worse, these cracks can form bacteria and infections, which are both unsightly and painful.

As with all skincare, hydration and moisture are the keys to foot health, and pedicures deliver both in a nicely wrapped package with polish on top. Professional, salon-style pedicures often include exfoliating treatments and moisturizing massages with hydrating oils and creams that literally reset the state of your tootsies. But when done right, with a pumice stone and the proper moisturizing agents, DIY pedicures are another good option for girls on the go. The results provide a night and day transformation (think Cinderella pre- and post-ball). Those cracked heels and dry cuticles transform into supple, smooth operators faster than you can say bippity-boppity-boo!

Pedicures Can Be a Proxy for Your Therapist

Now that we’ve covered the physical benefits of pedicures, let’s talk feelings. Pedicures are great for keeping your feet healthy and beautiful, but they’re also relaxing AF. Settling into a comfy chair and having someone give your feet the royal treatment can be just as relaxing as a full-body massage or therapy session – for half the price and time! This precious 30 minutes allows for a complete mental break where you can put your phone away, shut your eyes and completely unplug. So, when you start to feel guilty about your monthly pedicure bill, think of it as an investment in your emotional health.

Pedicures Don’t Discriminate

Pedicures are equal-opportunity saviors –  they’re not just for us girly girls to enjoy. Heck, because of said healing benefits, pedi sessions are a must for pro-football players and other professional athletes. Even basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal has made it known he likes to keep his feet “on fleek.” Now we’re not usually advocates for giving into peer pressure, but if Shaq’s doing it...

Pedicures Let You Dabble

We fall in love with just about every nail polish we meet, but that doesn’t mean the color is actually going to be compatible with our hands. Our manis are as visible as our accessories, and let’s face it, sometimes a bright yellow or lime green just won’t work day-to-day. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge your color craving with your feet! Pedicures are the perfect outlet for showing off your wild side and experimenting with color, because you can keep them on the DL, if you choose to. But what fun would that be? Live a little. 



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