Brit Morin Aug 30, 2012
We are sharing the tips, tricks and all the best there is to know about living your life beautifully. In this edition of the series, Brit Morin of the Beauty Squad rounds up her favorite beauty apps. As a huge tech geek and founder of startup Brit + Co., I’m constantly on the lookout for any apps that can make my life easier, especially when it comes to maintaining a beautiful everyday look. Because, let’s be honest, one person can’t do it all. Mixing and matching makeup, deciding what hairstyle to try today, shopping for new beauty products—I wish I had more time for these things. If only there were an app for that. Oh wait, there is! In fact, there are several. With the recent tech boom, I’ve started seeing more and more cool apps that are helping women get gorgeous. Below are six of my favorites that I use, whether for utility or fun, on an ongoing basis. Download these into your own beauty folder on your iPhone or other device and tap into them as part of your daily routine. SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ True fact: I hate shopping for foundation. It’s so hard to find the perfect match for your skin tone—Honey Almond, Bronze Goddess, Peachy Delight. Who knows which is best? Well, Sephora and Pantone have teamed up to solve this expensive and annoying dilemma. The Color IQ system uses tech to find the perfect foundation for your unique skin. Say goodbye to the annoying foundation lines on your chin! The app is used in Sephora stores only for now and is slowly rolling out nationwide.       INSTYLE HAIRSTYLE TRY-ON InStyle has a fabulous app that lets you try on hundreds of celebrity hairstyles before you take the plunge at the beauty salon with your own locks. It’s not brand new, but has recently gotten even better than before with its iPad app. Though it costs $5, it has hundreds of hairstyles you can try on and even breaks them down into the hottest trends like ombré and braids. You can even use the salon finder to find someone near you who will create your winning hair masterpiece!       LANCÔME MAKEUP This app is similar to the InStyle Hairstyle Try-On app, but for your face. It lets you try on different makeup, specifically winning in the ability to let you mix and match colors. It’s also a great tool for figuring out how much is too much—something most women always need to check in on in their daily beauty routines.         UV SAFE TIMER Everyone hates a sunburn, especially your delicate skin. But have no fear. UV Safe Timer lets you specify the type of sunscreen you’re using and will notify you when it’s time to reapply. The alert is based on your personal skin profile and, using GPS technology, the current UV index at your location. Less aloe vera for all!             HAIRCASTER New on your morning to-do list: check Haircaster to see how to set your hair for the day ahead. Haircaster looks up the actual live weather conditions, including humidity, wind, rain and the temperature, and gives you an accurate forecast of how the day's weather will affect your hair. Sadly, this app is only available for U.K. residents right now. I’m dying for them to release it in the U.S., too.                 SEPHORA TO GO The Sephora To Go app has all the right things a beauty-obsessed girl needs. It spotlights trends, allows you to browse and buy products—and more. In its latest version, the app has even leveraged the camera feature of the iPad to create a virtual mirror that lets you see yourself practicing makeup application as a video of the techniques are played below. It would be cooler if you could practice putting on virtual makeup instead of the real thing, but maybe that's coming in their next version!               What are your favorite beauty apps? Leave a note in the comments below or shoot me a tweet on Twitter.

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