Photo: Courtesy Maybelline

Here’s something you need to take a moment to consider: Mommy bloggers are the real MVPs of social media. On top of being the parent of a wild (but adorable) kid or kids, they’re also badass influencers with massive to-do lists and non-stop tasks. If you already have a solid number of them popping up in your Insta feed, you’re well aware that plenty of them are also on top of their makeup game. And if you’re new to this, we have some awesome cool-mom beauty recs you’ll want to give the follow to ASAP.

So what’s their secret? What products do they use to get flawless, Instagrammable makeup first thing in the morning? To find out, we slipped into their DM’s  for their makeup must-haves. Ahead, find out some of the best products cool moms swear by and why. Because even if you’re years away from thinking about becoming a mom yourself, these ladies and their makeup picks are goals.


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