We are sharing the tips, tricks and all the best there is to know about living your life beautifully. In this edition of the seriesBrit Morin of the Beauty Squad rounds up her favorite diverse beauty bloggers. A couple of weeks ago, I shared my top 10 beauty vloggers on the web. While I was making my list, I came across many amazing women of color who are totally rocking the beauty scene online these days! Here are five of my favorites you don’t want to miss. Milly Almodovar  The blogger behind Beauty Logic also happens to be Cosmopolitan for Latina’s beauty editor and I’m kind of obsessed with her. Milly has definitely got all the ins and all the info, whether she's writing about great sunless tanners or offering a sneak peek into a celebrity’s beauty bag, I’m hooked. Andrea Brooks  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuwZY0KZK3c I love the girl behind Andrea's Choice! Her personality is fun and captivating, and she follows and highlights trends while stressing that it's okay to create your own twist on them. Plus, her above Jessica Rabbit tutorial is kind of everything. Rati Tehri Singh Rati is the founder of the Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog. One of the biggest beauty blogs in the Middle East and India, it now features over 700 beauty bloggers in one! (I can’t even comprehend how much work that takes to manage.) It has fantastic tips for women of all cultures, including makeup reviews like this one for Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm. Michelle Phan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNQ2oDEyVNw I know, I know—I put her in my top 10 list from the last time, but Michelle Phan is truly one of the best in the online beauty biz. Her tutorials are super easy to follow and range from everyday makeup to celebrity “get the looks.” I specifically love the Angelina Jolie tutorial she posted recently. Who needs to dream when makeup can do the trick?! Shirley B. Eniang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92r3pYyi__4 Shirley is a 22-year-old who covers a range of low- to high-end beauty products, clothing, organizing and so much more for her blog, Meek-n-Mild. She also has an insane YouTube presence and, coming from London, the best...accent...ever.

Photos: YouTube.com (main); Facebook.com (Milly and Rita)


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