Jan 27, 2015

Like the old adage about wearing white after Labor Day, there are some rules we love to break — especially when it comes to makeup. But there’s no denying that some colors are more flattering with certain skin tones. Sometimes, basic makeup guidelines are worth following.

best blush

This is especially true when it comes to blush. Rather than making a major statement like a red lipstick or a rich cat eye, blush is made to mimic the natural flush of cheeks, enhancing them without attracting too much attention. The right blush can make you look more awake, healthier, and can even slim the cheekbones.

Finding the right blush color for you means taking your natural skin tone into consideration. Here's our guide to choosing and applying your best blush, and which brush to use, for fair skin tone, caramel skin, olive skin tone and chocolate skin tone. Follow the links to learn the secrets to your skin tone!

What's your skin tone and what makeup tricks do you use to enhance it? Dish in the comments!

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