Concealer is a staple that’s helped us thrive in the best of times and has saved us in the very worst of times — like  brightening dark circles from our longest nights out or masking redness caused from our most annoying breakouts. When traditional concealer just doesn’t cut it, (see our aforementioned struggles) we rely on color correctors to help us get the job done. Color correcting concealers may seem intimidating if you’ve never worked with the different shades before, but once you learn which color corrector matches what skin concerns, you’ll be on your way to a flawless complexion.

If you’re in a rush, a few quick color correcting takeaways include using green to balance redness, yellow to brighten dullness and blue to neutralize sallowness. And while we definitely don’t judge you for hoarding color correctors in a variety of different colors, you might as well make matters easier by investing in a color correcting palette. Not only will it help save space in your makeup bag, but a color correcting palette will give you all of the shades you need to perfect your complexion. Ahead, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite palettes for every budget.

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