Adina Zilberman Jun 22, 2012
Your makeup skills can only be as refined as the tools you use. Welcome to part two of our essential brushes series. This time, we cover all the brushes you need to primp your eyes. The Smoky Eye Brush With its perfect pencil-point tip and its stiff yet soft natural bristles, the NARS Eye Contour Brush No. 14 is pure perfection. This is a brush that can be used to both lay down color and to contour and reshape the eye any which way that you please. The Eye Shadow Workhorse Shu Uemura Natural Brush 10 has natural bristles, a flat shape and a rounded head that makes it ideal for laying down color on the lid. Simply brush this miracle worker across any shadow—be it cream, liquid or powder—and pat color into the lid for maximum impact. If you are looking to define, hold the brush perpendicular to your eye and use its tip to apply color. The Blend-Master Harsh lines are never pretty. Avoid them with the MAC 217 Blending Brush, which has a soft, oval, densely packed head. As a bonus, this brush also can be used to apply highlighter to both eyes and face and to contour the face in a pinch. Do you want to know what brushes you should use to create a flawless foundation? Check out Brushes 101: Face. Do you want to know our favorite multitasking makeup brushes? Check out Brushes 101: The Multitaskers. What are your favorite makeup brushes?

Photo: Uli Pfeiffer/Picture Press/Getty Images



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