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Looking to show off those beautiful baby blues? Of course you are! But it can be hard not to be overwhelmed by the sea of shadow shades in stores—or worse, by the stash you have at home collecting dust. Truthfully, applying eye makeup is as simple as elementary school art class. Simply stick to varying colors within the same family (monochromatic), or opposite colors on the color wheel (complementary). Without further ado, here are the best eyeshadow colors for blue eyes. For a monochromatic look, the best makeup for blue eyes is navy, blue-based grey and silver eyeshadow. Conversely, browns, coppers and peaches, plus orange- or yellow-based shades achieve a complementary look. We tested these color-coordinating eye makeup tips on NYC television commercial producer Alison Horn, and the results were stunning. To show how both palettes can work, we applied monochromatic hues to the right eye and complementary hues to the left. To recreate these makeup ideas for blue eyes, follow these tips.

Monochromatic Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

  • Step 1: Apply a blue-based silvery shadow to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Step 2: Sweep a navy shade on lids from lash line to crease and below bottom lashes.
  • Step 3: Run navy liner along upper lash line and inside lower tear line.
  • Step 4: Generously coat on black mascara to top lashes.

Complementary Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

  • Step 1: Dust peach or rose gold shadow onto lids blending upward towards the brow bone. Sweep same shade below lower lash line.
  • Step 2: Apply chocolate brown shadow to outer corners blending inward to center of the eye on both top and bottom.
  • Step 3: Apply dark brown eyeliner to the upper lash line and inside lower tear line.
  • Step 4: Coat top lashes in brown mascara.

Sultry Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

  • Step 1: Mix bronze and copper shadow and pat on lids from lash line to crease, softening edges with a fluffy brush or a fingertip.
  • Step 2: Run the same shades below the lower lash line and blend down for a smoldering effect.
  • Step 3: Fully line eyes in jet black liner and smudge color into the bronze/copper shadow.
  • Step 4: Add several coats of black mascara to top and bottom lashes.
Do you have blue eyes? Test the theory and share your outcome. We’d love to see your own pictures and hear what products really worked—and really wowed! Learn more about makeup for blue eyes.


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