We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from Los Angeles-based makeup pro Emily Oliver on the perfect green eye shadow shades for your skin tone.

Best Green Eye Shadow

The saying “green with envy” didn’t come out of nowhere! Green is a luxuriously rich shade and takes some expertise when it comes to choosing the proper tone to complement one’s features.  I work with the undertones of skin when it comes to finding the right eye shadow shades, so read along for the next of our color series — this time focusing on green!

If you’ve been keeping up with the rest of our color series (like brown and purple eye shadow), you’ve learned that there are typically three categories that light, medium and deep skin tones fall under — those being neutral or beige, pink/red, and golden or olive. When dealing with green eye makeup, things get a little more specific!

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