Adina Zilberman Aug 10, 2012
Styling curly hair doesn't need to be a challenge. It can be a breeze if you have the right tools. Read on for some top accessories for wavy strands. A Wide-Tooth Comb A fundamental rule when it comes to having curly hair is to never brush it once it dries. For women with lots of curls, apply conditioner in the shower and then slide a very wide-toothed comb through it. Then rinse it and style it, allowing your curls to bounce back as needed. A Curly-Specific Hair Care Line Curly hair has particular needs and it's important to utilize a line of hair care products that will keep it healthy, shiny and free of frizz. From start (Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo and Redken Fresh Curls Conditioner) to finish (Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner), Redken's Fresh Curls line delivers vital nutrients and all the TLC that curly hair needs. Blow-Dryer With a Diffuser A great blow-dryer with ionic and tourmaline technology and a diffuser is a must in your arsenal. Ionic technology imparts negative ions, which smooth hair and lock in moisture. Tourmaline magnifies all of that ionic goodness, enhancing its effects. Also, a wide heat diffuser with many holes will help disperse heat evenly and keep curls intact. Attach the diffuser to the blow-dryer nozzle and wiggle it through your hair as you dry it to maintain the integrity of your frizz-free curls. Try: Sultra the Siren Styling Dryer and diffuser attachment. What are your favorite tools for styling curly hair?  


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