Best Lip & Eye Combos

We all know that the best things come in pairs — BFFs, wine and cheese, Sonny and Cher — our makeup is no exception! And with the arrival of fall, comes a wave of new looks and makeup pairings to try on for size. Since we’re in the business of lending beauty inspiration and guidance, we thought we’d throw a few of our fave eye and lip duos your way. Take a look at the three combos we can’t get enough of this season!

Maroon Eyes + Nude Lips

Maroon Eye Shadow & Nude Lips

Take your smoky eye to colorful new levels with this blurred and bold look. And since deep, dark hues are hot, hot, hot for fall, this look is very on-trend. Offset the eye with a soft, nude lip and you are ready to hit the town!

Taupe Eyes + Purple Lips

Taupe Eyes & Purple Lips

Who says you can’t go bright in the fall? Embrace color by pairing a vibrant purple pout with a more muted, taupe eye and you’ve got yourself a dynamic makeup duo.

Glossy Pink Eyes + Maroon Lips

Glossy Lids & Maroon Lips

We know that matte makeup is on everyone’s mind during the autumn and winter seasons, but sometimes a girl’s gotta branch out! Switch things up by trying a glossy pink lid with deep, maroon lips. Trust us, this is a look that will definitely put you on the cutting edge!

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Photo: Carlos Moscat
Models: Birtu Belete, Caitlin Chapman, Miriam Sajal
Photo: Alana Dawn & Marygene Rose


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