Eyeshadow palettes are one of those items we can’t resist splurging on — whether it’s the lure of a velvety, buttery formula or a color story that makes our heart skip a beat. This infatuation can become pricey, however, with many of our favorites running for $50 a pop or more. Our workaround? The mini palette — an offshoot of its namesake that features new shades in the same formula. There are lots of reasons to love these petite palettes, chief among them being their portability and the opportunity to get a feel for the product before splurging on the full thing. It’s important to note, however, that this isn’t always the most cost-effective choice (some can run you up to half the price), but it’s definitely an easier pill to swallow. 

We’ve rounded up our favorites ahead — from the all-matte option with warm, sultry shades to the sunset-inspired palette that’s practically a steal.

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