Your makeup skills can only be as refined as the tools you use. Welcome to part three of our essential brushes series. This edition is all about the workhorse brushes that you can use for virtually any makeup application. The Angled Multitasker Angled brushes are typically used for one purpose only: to prep your brows. But the MAC 263 Small Angled Brush does so much more. You can also use it to draw very precise angles with lipstick. Or, you can use it to create that perfect cat eye. The Controller It is easy to overdose on lipstick when it comes straight out of the tube. For that reason, the Lancôme Retractable Lip Brush #9 is your essential tool for both portion control and precision. As a bonus, this brush can also be used to paint a thicker line of gel or cream eyeliner onto the eye. The synthetic bristles make it super easy to clean, too. Do you want to know what brushes you should use to create a flawless foundation? Check out Brushes 101: Face. Do you want to know what brushes you should use to prep your eyes? Check out Brushes 101: Eyes. What are your favorite makeup brushes?




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