Photo: Chaunte Vaughn
We get it: There’s something daunting about tackling a DIY at-home manicure. First you have to set aside an hour of your day, leaving extra time in case you smudge your mani 10 minutes after completion. Then you need to get your hands on all of your mani tools, choose a shade of nail polish and commit to patiently going about each step of your mani routine. For some, this experience is meditative — cathartic even. But for others, dishing out anywhere between $15-$40 on a mani is worth it in the name of relaxation and convenience. So if you’re among those beauty lovers who fall in the latter, you need to check out the following nail sets that seriously make doing your nails fun. And if they aren’t for you, there’s definitely one in here for your nail-obsessed bestie.  

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