May 12, 2014
When a new beauty product emerges, it seems like just another opportunity to encourage beauty junkies to hit their closest beauty supply store (though we’re not exactly ones to complain about that!). But for every useless product out there, there’s at least one thing you didn’t know you needed. As far as nail care goes, these products are must-haves. Why? Because what you do before painting on that lacquer is just as important as finding the color of your (polish) dreams. Not to mention, giving your hands a little TLC means working in an at-home spa treatment — do it for your health.

best nail products

Healthy Hands

The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream moisturizes hands and nails with almond oil as well as panthenol, which aids in hydration to lock in moisture and soften skin.  

The Nail Files

Less harsh and more effective than other files, the Nail Tek Crystal Nail File seals nail surfaces for smooth, split-free natural nails. This is one you’ll want keep in your bag wherever you go.  

Spa-Like Soak

Your hands go through a lot during the day, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t have a facial-like treatment to restore their health. The solution is simple: Head to your kitchen. Soaking your nails in olive oil for about 10 minutes will leave behind baby-soft skin that’s ready to show off with or without polished tips.  

Dirt Busting Brush

While it’s all too easy to overlook regularly cleaning your nails, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria (yuck!). Luckily there’s a simple fix in The Body Shop Wooden Nail Brush, which quickly removes dirt from under nails.  

Classic Cuticle Cream

Since it’s inception in 1963, the Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails has been providing strong, healthy nails, and conditioned cuticles to manicure-loving women everywhere.  

Best Basecoat

No need to purchase two different products with the essie all in one basecoat. It’s an effective topcoat (which you never want to skip), both priming and sealing nails for a longer lasting mani.   What’s your favorite nail care product? Sound off in the comments below.   Photos: Thinkstock


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