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Nails are definitely having a moment right now. In fact, they’ve been having a moment for several years now. In addition to designer duds, killer footwear and dynamite hair and makeup, women (and men) are using their nails to express their unique style and individuality. This would explain the tidal wave of nail tutorials and ever-changing nail art trends that have swept the beauty world.

As self-proclaimed nail fanatics, we can’t get enough of all the things that make our digits lovely: nail polish, nail art tools, mani kits, etc. We love it all! In fact, we are so obsessed, we compiled a list of our top nail tutorials to help you get on board the nail train! Enjoy!

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Manicure Monday: Matte and Glossy Nails

matte and glossy nails

Can’t decide between matte and glossy nails? Spare yourself a headache and go with both! Find out how to to get a mani that strikes the perfect balance between matte and glossy.

Manicure Monday: DIY Matte Nails

matte nail polish

If you’re over high-shine manicures, give the gloss a break for a while. Go for clean, matte nails that are anything but boring. Check out this tutorial that will deliver marvelously matte nails.

Manicure Monday: The Dotted Fade Manicure  

dotted mani

If ever there was a nail product to invest in, a dotting tool is the way to go. These little miracle workers can do everything from leopard print and floral patterns to, our personal fave, polka dots. Pick up that dotting tool and find out how to get a dotty mani that’s to die for.  

Manicure Monday: The Half and Half Glitter Manicure

glitter nails

Why should glitter be reserved for special occasions and holidays? We say sparkle when you want to sparkle. We love glitter so much we’ve created several glitterific nail tutorials, including this one that goes halfsies with its sparkle.

Manicure Monday: Marble Nails

marble mani

We love beauty tutorials that make good use of kitchen supplies. What's more convenient than a mani that requires kitchen supplies? Pick up that spare Saran Wrap because we’ve got a marble mani that will make you more than ready for Spring!

Manicure Monday: Mother of Pearl Manicure

pearl nails

What girl doesn’t love pearls? If your wallet can’t work with a string of the pretty gems across your neck, go for the next best thing. Get almost-holographic nails with this pearly mani that will make you feel decadent in minutes.

Nail Files: How to Do an Ombré Manicure

ombre nails

Ombré doesn’t just belong on your hair. Get the same über-cool look — on your nails. Find out how to get ombré nails that won’t have anyone looking at your locks.

Video: Galaxy Nails

galaxy nails

Bring new meaning to the term “space cadet.” Pretty, starry manis are perfect for spring and make good use of the trendy pastel shades that are all the rage this season. Get ready to fly off to a galaxy far, far away.

Manicure Monday: Chevron Nails


We’re seeing (and loving) chevron print on our clothes, bags and shoes, why not spread the love to our nails? Find out how to use the trendiest print in town in a cool, new way. Get ready for a chevron mani that’s super crush-worthy.

Manicure Monday: Watercolor Nails

watercolor nails

Bring back one of your favorite childhood pastimes: watercolor! Grab a brush and prepare to create a masterpiece — on your nails! And guess what? With this watercolor tutorial, there are no mistakes!

Manicure Monday: Pastel Pinstripe Nails


These days, we’re so obsessed with pastels, we’re seeing stripes! We took those stripes and turned them into a mani that will put a little spring in your step! This nail tutorial might be the prettiest thing you ever did see.

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Which of these tutorials will you be trying first? Tell us your fave in the comments below!



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