Jan 18, 2011
You may have noticed my frequent lamenting in recent weeks about the dreary winter weather here in New York (seriously, it's more depressing than Blue Valentine played in slow motion.). So to lift my spirits and energize yours, throughout the next few weeks, I'll be bringing you my favorite products from our brands' spring collections and dishing about why I love them (hopefully you will as well!). First up: Yves Saint Laurent Créme de Blush. I've been waiting since October when I got my first peek at the brand's spring line to delve into these lip-balm size jars of juicy, delectable color. The formula is unlike any other cream blush I've tried. It feels like a solid jelly rather than the usual slippery cream, and though it may look shockingly bright in the pot, when you smooth it on, it creates the equivalent of a lip stain on your cheeks: Sheer, shine-free, believable color. Now, no cream blush is going to last from noon to night without a touch-up here and there, but this one doesn't fade into oblivion after an hour like some other cream blushes. That's because the product doesn't contain as many waxes as some other formulas, so it doesn't have that greasy feel. The texture is still lovely, though—it glides along the skin and is easy to blend, then once it sets, it dries to a powder finish that doesn't rub off or pill on your cheeks (my biggest pet peeve). The only quip some might have with the product is how sheer it goes on—why is precisely why I like it, but if you're into brightly flushed cheeks, then you might not feel you're getting enough color. But if you prefer a more natural glow, then may I suggest my favorite shade, No. 1 Velvety Peach (shown above). It's a warm-toned, not-too pink yet not-too peach hue that, even on my yellow-y skin, gives the kind of realistic color that just looks healthy, not like obvious blush. Yves Saint Laurent Créme de Blush hits counters starting in February, but you can buy it now on


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