Oh, the color pink. There’s almost nothing we love more in life than this cotton-candy shade of pure joy. Well, other than makeup in the shade of pink — duh! But, it’s not just the color, wow factor or shimmery effect that captures our attention, but the versatility. Whether it’s blush, lipstick or eye shadow, various shades of pink work for ANY skin color! That’s right. From fair to dark (and everything in between), a rainbow of powdery pinks to the brightest of the bunch can complement your complexion — it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you! So, are you a soft pink or a neon? Click on your specific skin tone below to find out!

Pink Makeup

Fair Skin Tones

While many think that fair skin should steer clear of pink makeup, we consider ourselves to be beauty rebels. Pink works for anyone — including you fair-skinned gals! Look for sheer shades of baby pink or peachy-pink when it comes to landing a natural flush. Hot pink lipstick with rosy-undertones are sure to make a statement (the right one, of course) while lilac-pinks are your everyday, go-to lippies. And when it comes to those peepers, try a matte pink with taupe undertones or a shimmery pink with coral hues for a luminous look!  

Medium Skin Tones

We did say that pink makeup works for any skin tone, didn’t we? That includes yours! Your cheeks pair perfectly with a raspberry pink or apricot pink — depending on your undertones. Love pink lipstick? So do we! While you can make just about any shade look good, watermelon pinks and rich, berry pinks flatter your skin tone most. And if you’re tired of neutral shadows, a pink fuchsia with an iridescent or shimmery finish is ALL you!

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Olive Skin Tones

Your naturally glowing complexion really makes pink pop! Rosy pink or peachy-pink blushes instantly bring life to your golden complexion. And speaking of life — what about lipstick? Try pinks with purple or berry undertones for a “glam” look or bright pink with coral undertones for when you’re feelin’ extra fun and lively. Forget about the traditional smoky eye! Your skin tone looks lovely in pinks with gold or metallic flakes — just build the color and rock a rose gold look!

Dark Skin Tones

If pink makeup was made for anyone, it would be you. Look for high-intensity color payoff when it comes to blush — like bright magenta pinks for a flattering pop of color! And if pink isn’t your favorite lipstick color, it’s about to be. While anything bright, hot or even neon works for you, try pinks with rich fuchsia undertones or even a matte, bubble gum pink. If a daytime look is what you’re going for, a cool lilac pink shadow with a hint of shimmer will play up your eyes, while a HOT pink is the perfect choice for some added drama.

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