We know we’re not the first to tell you, but powder dip nails are on-trend. They’re taking over our Instagram feed, blowing up on Pinterest and are quickly populating the nail polish section of our local beauty supply stores. Powder dip nails fall in between an acrylic and a gel, are loved for their staying power (they last between two to four weeks) and are a lot less time-intensive than an acrylic manicure application. But before you head to the nail salon to try the powder dip nail trend for yourself, consider picking up a kit full of all of the tools you need to DIY at home. In the long run, you’ll be conserving your funds, engaging in a therapeutic self-care moment and casually becoming a professional manicurist in your spare time.

Ahead, check out four powder dip nail kits to transform your home into a mini nail salon.

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