raspberry makeup We’ve always considered the question “what’s your favorite color?” to be a loaded one. Is the inquirer curious about our favorite color to figure out what's hanging in our closet? Or the shade we most like to see splashed on the walls and furnishings of our home? Or the hue we gravitate toward when selecting new makeup? Maybe it’s just us, but we don’t really think it’s possible to have a favorite color. Rather than pronouncing our love for one single hue, we tend to get swept up in color crushes. Right now, we’re having a love affair with raspberry. It’s a color we’ve let invade our closets, cosmetics cases and more, and we’ve got three reasons why you too should embrace this fun loving and dramatic shade.

1. It’s the perfect color to transition your makeup bag from winter to spring.

We’re approaching that awkward time in between seasons when your brain says “spring is here,” but the universe says “at least six more weeks of bitter cold.” It may not be time to switch over to bright fuchsia lipstick just yet, but you can ease out of burgundy and slowly start working raspberry into the mix. We love Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lipstick in 512 and Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational in Raspberry Rhapsody. Not bold lip type of gal? Lancôme Blush Subtil in Plum Noir makes for a fabulous flush on the cheeks.  

2. It can brighten your home.

Adding a few raspberry-colored home accessories is a quick and easy way to brighten any space and instantly lift your spirits when you walk into the room. Toss a new pillow on your couch. This Plum & Bow Layered Lace Pillow makes a lovely accent to a neutral color scheme. Or pick a bold new vase. This sleek, modern CB2 Flask Vase is striking with or without flowers. Can’t commit to that splash of color in your living room? Brighten up the inside of your handbag with a raspberry-hued cosmetic case like this Ted Baker Rosette Cosmetics Case.  

3. It’s just the unexpected pop of color your wardrobe was looking for.

Pink has a tendency to feel a bit overplayed, if you will. But there’s no denying the color is flattering. If you’re simply not a pink girl, a richer hue like raspberry is the perfect alternative. Raspberry-colored sunglasses, like these Isaac Mizrahi 55mm Cat Eye Sunglasses, are a subtle way to incorporate the color into your existing wardrobe. They feel incredibly fresh for spring, but you can start wearing them today.   What color are you crushing on these days? Tell us your color crush in the comments below!   Photos: Thinkstock, CB2, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters


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