We know the winter season can get a bad wrap because of its icy temperatures and dry, windy weather. But there are also some lovely aspects to winter that are often overlooked: scarves, fabulous boots, cozy sweaters and evenings by the fire. Are you starting to have a change of heart? If not, let’s add one more thing to your list of things to love about winter — perfume! That’s right, with the cold, winter air comes a wave of new scents that we are totally obsessed with! Get a load of these new winter fragrances that will make you celebrate the chilly season!

winter scents

YSL Black Opium Parfum

Wintertime is ideal for getting glam and a little dangerous. Indulge in both with this decadent scent that features mystical notes of jasmine and myrrh. 

Giorgio Armani Sì Eau De Parfum

Designed for the strong-yet-feminine modern women, this fragrance can hold its own. Featuring an elegant mix of blackcurrant nectar, florals and blond wood, the scent is guaranteed to make you smell unforgettable. 

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance

Every girl needs a little romance in her life and this luscious scent delivers! Get in touch with your passionate side with notes of pink peony and black vanilla. 

Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning

Cold, winter months are perfect for gettin’ a little lazy. Smell lovely while you linger in bed with this refreshing fragrance featuring the calming scent of fresh laundry. 

Which of these scents will you be spritzing on this winter? Sound off in the comments below. 


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