Life is hectic, isn’t it? Between our careers, relationships and personal health, there are times when it feels like we can barely keep our heads together, let alone our beauty routines. That’s why we continually come back to the foolproof beauty hacks that save precious time and make room in our busy lives.

Take, for instance, the bobby pin. While small in stature, this slim and sleek hair accessory is a multitasking master, and not just in the hair department. We found 10 unique ways to incorporate bobby pins into our beauty routines—yes, 10! Get ready to stock up on this classic beauty tool, because these hacks will come in handy when you’re in a pinch.

Bobby Pin Beauty Hacks

1.  Nail Art Dotting Tool

The knobby, rounded ends of your bobby pins make them ideal for nail art. Dip the end of your bobby pin into nail polish for polka dots, stars or heart-shaped nail designs.

2.  Cat-Eye Perfector

Winged liner is not a skill that is easily mastered. Some of us are cursed with a shaky hand and need a good hack to create a razor-sharp cat eye. We’ve used business cards and tape to guide our hands, and now we can add bobby pins to the list. Hold the straight edge of the bobby pin against the outer corner of the eyes and allow it guide your liner. Any excess liner will end up on the pin, so you’ll just be left with a straighter-than-straight wing that is pure perfection.

3.  Hair Decorator

Let your imagination and creativity run free by turning your bobby pins into wearable art. You can do this by whipping out the glue gun and glitter, then create cool patterns and designs on your hair with these bedazzled pins.

4.  Mani Cleaner-Upper

Are you all about the at-home manis? Add this little number to your kit: The rounded, knobby ends of bobby pins are great for tidying up the rogue polish that landed outside of your nail bed. Simply dip the round end of the bobby in nail polish remover and work it around your nail.

5.  Lash Glue Applicator

Again, the rounded, knobby end of a bobby pin is about to save the day! You know the lash glue that you always seem to fight with and make a mess of when applying your falsies? Well, how about you show the sticky stuff who’s boss by applying it perfectly with the rounded tip of a bobby pin. Lash glue: 0—You: 1

6.  Hair Protector

Sometimes we just can’t be bothered with hair falling in our face all day. On these especially impatient (or altogether bad) hair days, use a bobby pin to strategically pin wayward strands down—behind the ear, tucked in a braid, etc. Try this trick next time you rock a super-sleek side part. Tuck the front, slicked portion of the hair behind the ear and pin it there with a bobby. The pin won’t be visible and your hair won’t be slipping away throughout the day. Victory!

7.  Ponytail-Wrapper

There comes a time when our ponies need to start adulting, too. Sigh. To create a beautiful, sophisticated wrapped ponytail, use a bobby pin to secure the wrapped piece of hair so it doesn’t come loose and turn your ‘do back into a plain, old pony.

8.  Hair Band Substitute

We understand the significance of a hair tie in our lives. But let’s be real, they can sometimes look a bit tacky, especially when we’re going for a chic, naturally fabulous look. Try subbing out your elastic band for a bobby pin, the next time you twist or braid a section of hair. Simply slide a bobby pin through the twisted or plaited end of the hair toward your face and make sure it grabs on to the hair under the twist or braid to keep it secure. You can also use a bobby at the end of a full, braided look. Tie the end of the braid into a knot and slip the bobby through the knot to keep in place.

9.  Ponytail Pick-Me-Up

If your pony needs a little pep in its step, whip out a few bobby pins and tuck them inside the bottom side of the elastic band (under the pony), so they’re sticking out halfway. Then, flip the pony over the bobby pins. You’ll see some instant life that gives you lots of bounce and volume.

10.  Curl Holder

When we go to the effort of curling and styling our hair, the last thing we want is to see our first section of curls go flat by the time we complete the final section. Make sure your curls maintain their shape by pinning them down with bobby pins while you work on other sections. After you’ve released the curled section of hair from the curling iron, roll it back up and slip a bobby pin through it to keep it in a barrel shape while you finish curling the rest of your hair. Trust us, this trick is a game-changer. 


Share your bobby pin beauty hacks with the rest of us below! 

Model: Lauren Rote

Photo: Jessica Schramm

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