Swimsuit season is just around the corner (cue applause!), so you’re likely kicking your workout up a notch — or just starting, we don’t judge — and sticking to a stricter diet. For some of us there is just one more stop on the road to bikini-ready — clear, smooth skin from head to toe. To achieve beautiful, bare-worthy skin, consider these small shifts in your daily routine. body breakouts

Start With Skin Foods

Your diet affects not only how clear your face is, but the skin on your entire body, too. Food rich in antioxidants like tomatoes, blueberries and green tea help prevent against sun damage, while avocados contain the monosaturated fats you need for strong skin cells. Keep in mind which foods to avoid, like those high in sugar. And always, always drink plenty of water.  

Rethink Your Gym Routine

Your daily sweat sesh isn’t contributing to breakouts — or is it? Everything from your workout gear to how you clean up afterward could be a factor. Be sure to work out in breathable, moisture-wicking clothes that won’t lock in sweat. Afterward, change out of them quickly to avoid an unwanted combo of oil and sweat.  

Customize Your Cleansing

Knowing your skin type will help you choose the proper cleansers. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, look for a cleansing wash that contains salicylic acid, which opens pores and promotes new skin cell growth. For dry skin, try a body wash with humectants to lock in moisture, and check the temps of your shower — if the water is too hot, it can dry out skin further.
Regular exfoliation will get rid of dead cells and help renew skin. Add it to your routine with a scrub like Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub. Apply ultra-moisturizing body cream like The Body Shop’s Aloe Butter post-shower for silky smooth skin.   How do you combat body breakouts? Share your secrets in the comments!   Photos: Thinkstock

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