In a world where beauty trends are unpredictable and constantly evolving, it’s nice to have a little consistency here and there. We find comfort in the classic makeup looks that are always “in”: red lipstick, smoky eye shadow and, our personal fave, the cat eye.

The best thing about the cat eye is that it has managed to reinvent itself over and over again for decades. From its early years as the sleek eye look of Old Hollywood starlets to its modern standing as a versatile vehicle for makeup lovers to show off their creativity, the cat eye hasn’t lost its luster. And while we’ve covered the winged eyeliner look from every possible angle, our obsession just won’t quit. That said, here we pay homage to the cat’s meow yet again via a bigger, bolder version, courtesy of makeup maven Alana Dawn. OK, it’s time to get catty.

cat eye tutorial

Step 1: Prep the lid with eye primer. Using a thin, felt-tipped eyeliner, draw a line from the outer corner of the eye, stopping just past the crease.

Step 2: Starting from the center of your upper lash line, draw a line that connects with the end of the line created in Step 1.

Step 3: Trace all of the upper lash line, starting at the inner corner of the eye.

Step 4: Fill in the remaining gaps in the liner so you have a thick, bold wing shape.

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bold cat eye tutorial


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Photography: Carlos Moscat

Makeup: Alana Dawn

Model: Alyssa Lumpee

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