Jan 22, 2015

We toy with bold eyes and rosy cheeks, but there's nothing like a sexy, bold lip. A carefully applied, daring lip color can last for hours and result in tons of attention. What better way to inject a little fun into your day?

bold lips

Bold lips give you confidence ...really! You can't hide wearing a bold red or berry lip, like you'll get from Urban Decay Revolution in Anarchy. It will make you feel switched on and ready to go. Give it a try!

A bolder lip brings balance to your face. Many people stick to soft, neutral shades, but often, they don't provide a flattering balance. A bold, rosy shade can give you a much-needed pop of color, especially if you're keeping everything else simple.

A bold lip makes life easier. A neutral eye, a little black liner, mascara and a bold, red lip will take you from work to night out for cocktails more efficiently than any other makeup combo, says makeup artist Jennifer Trotter of Lip Service Makeup. Bonus? It's a classic, non-trendy look that works for all ages and situations.

To get the perfect application: First, exfoliate your lips and pick a matching lip liner for a clean, precise line, says Jessica Scantlin, Blushington’s head makeup artist. After lining your lips, saturate a lip brush with the lipstick and blend it into the lip liner.

What's your favorite bold lip color? Tell us in the comments!

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