Deven Hopp Sep 23, 2013
We’re feeling all kinds of fancy today, and what better way to get all dolled up than to dress up our tips–tuxedo style. Since we don’t have any black tie balls in our date books, we’ve deemed the “Black Tie French Manicure” Monday (and everyday) appropriate. bow tie nail art Supplies
  • Base coat and top coat
  • Base nail color
  • Black nail polish
  • Tape
  • A paperclip
  1. Paint two coats of the base color. To give our black tie mani a feminine feel, we layered pale pink polish (essie Adore-a-Ball) and white polish (essie Blanc). Allow to dry.
  2. Tape off a triangle at the tip of one side of the nail. Polish the exposed nail with the black bow tie color (we used Lili Beauty Nail Polish in Blackest Black), and remove the tape. Allow the polish to dry before moving on.
  3. Repeat step 2 on the other side of the nail to complete the bow tie.
  4. Feel free to stop there for a French manicure with a sophisticated twist, or add the tuxedo buttons using the black nail polish and a paperclip. Dip the end of the paperclip in polish and dot 1-2-3 down the length of the nail.
  5. Finish with top coat for extra shine.
Now to finish the look we just need to break out the cuff links. Oh, and have the butler fetch us some champagne! What do you think of our fancy French tips? Do tell!


About the Author:When Deven's not behind the scenes producing our photo shoots, she's behind her computer writing about everything from nail art to new lipstick.

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