If you hadn’t guessed by now, we’re REALLY into braids at the moment. In fact, we’re full-blown obsessed. We’ve shared all of our latest faves including the double-braid pony, the braided bun and braided bangs. You might think we’re all braided out, but we’re just getting started! Check out our latest obsession: the braided headband!

Braided Headband

Step 1: Part hair right down the middle, so it’s separated into two sections. Spritz your strands with Kérastase Spray Á Porter to give it texture and fullness.

Step 2: Starting from the bottom of one of your sections, begin plaiting a Dutch braid, making sure to only pull from the ear-side of the braid (not along the center part).

Step 3. Braid the entire section up, towards the forehead and secure the plait with an elastic band.

Step 4: Repeat this braid with the opposite section of hair.

Step 5. Wrap the two braids along the top of the head and pin the braids down with bobby pins. Tuck the ends into the braid to conceal them. Set your style with a strong hold hairspray like Kérastase Laque Couture and you’re ready to rock that braided headband! 

Get more braid inspo by checking out The Couture Book of Braids by Kérastase.

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Photo: Lauren Rote
Hair: Craig Wcislo
Model: Roxi Fernandez


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