We’re big fans of the no-pain-all-gain model when it comes to our hair. That’s why we love a good braid and we’ve never said no to a solid bun—two hairstyles that take mere minutes to complete, yet look polished enough to keep our hair out of bed head territory. What’s more, they both happen to be hairstyles that look better when they’re slightly undone. We decided to combine the two effortless looks to bring you the undone braided side bun. It’s a step up from either a bun or a braid alone, but still requires minimal time commitment.

braided side bun tutorial

1. Spray:
Spritz a texturizing spray like Redken Quick Tease 15 all over and use your fingers to muss up the roots.

2. Texture:
Use a styling wand to add a few loose curls throughout. For extra body and texture, tease random sections.

3. Pony:
Pull hair to one side and gather it into low, loose ponytail behind your ear.

4. Braid:
Divide the ponytail into three sections and messily braid, leaving a few inches on the ends unbraided.

5. Pin:
Wrap the braid up into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Leave the ends out to hang down below the bun for that undone feel.

6. Perfect:
For the finishing touch, place an embellished elastic headband on top of the head.  

Will you try this braided side bun?
Tell us where you would wear the look in the comments below.  

Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography

Hair and Makeup: Jessica Scantlin for Contour Fossa
Model: Faith Xue

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