Deven Hopp Sep 5, 2013
beauty rut Rut: a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive, but is hard to change. To paraphrase the dictionary definition in beauty-girl terms: the state in which your makeup routine has become stale and you’re no longer having fun with the many wonders makeup has to offer. It’s okay if this describes your current state–we’ve all been there–but now is the time to break free from the boredom. We’re here to reassure you that it can be done without spending a fortune replacing the entire contents of your makeup bag (not that we’re ever opposed to a little beauty haul).

See Things Clearly

First and foremost, reorganize your makeup so everything is visible. You often end up using whatever is most accessible. You probably have plenty of goodies, but mornings get rushed and if the same three products are right on top, those are the same three products you’ll continue to use day after day. Plus, cleaning out your makeup bag can yield some surprising gems you my have forgotten all about. Quick Tip: Store your makeup in drawers or on top of your dresser? Hold on to the tops of shoeboxes–they make great (read: budget-friendly) makeup trays. Stack ’em up for maximum space-saving, makeup-displaying organization.  

Play With Colors and Textures

Break out of rut 101: try new things. Once you’ve made your way through your beauty collection and given your makeup station a facelift, you’re bound to find that some of the shadows in your trusty palette have gone untouched. It’s time to experiment with the colors you’ve been ignoring. The same goes for textures–your favorite champagne shimmer eye shadow looks soft and feminine when applied dry, but try applying it wet for a totally different effect. Using a wet brush to apply metallic eye shadow will instantly transform the finish into a full-on liquid metal sheen.  

Use Old Products in New Ways

Reinvent the possibilities for your ’ole faithfuls. That shocking fuchsia lipstick could look fantastic as a bright flush for your cheeks. Or maybe you mix it with another one of your staple lip colors to create an entirely new shade. If you’ve been using the same pencil eyeliner to create a smudged, smoky feel for your eyes, why not try a precise wing instead? No need to go out and buy a brand new liquid liner, just fill an eyeliner brush with pigment from the tip of the pencil and use that to draw the perfect cat eye.  

Get Inspired!

Watch a YouTube video, check out a beauty board on Pinterest, peruse those September issues–all you need is one new idea spark your creativity and motivate you to make an unexpected (or subtle–baby steps are encouraged) change. When we’re looking for beauty inspiration, we power up Instagram and check in on our top 5 favorite makeup artists to follow.   Are you in a beauty rut? When was the last time you tried one of these tips? Let us know with a comment below. Photos: Irina Pusepp/Veer


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