Caitlin Larwood Mar 18, 2013
how to wear colored mascara Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Take colored mascara for example. From black…to a hint of blue, green, purple, or brown can take a look to the next level: cool it down, jazz it up or overall enhance. We caught up with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Tim Quinn, for some quick tips as he celebrated the new Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara Voluminous Push Colored Lashes. Go big or go home.You’ve decided you are ready to try a pop of color. Which will it be? If you take the Giorgio Armani collection for example, your options are: Blue Marine or Brown. Tim told us that Brown (n° 4) is a perfect choice for blondes or for daytime wear in general. Blue Marine is slightly more daring, while navy blue is more understated. For more colors, look at our full list. Back to the Basics: Tim reminded us that the same mascara techniques apply when using colored mascara. Below are his expert tips on how to apply it flawlessly:
  • Pull the outer corner of the eye gently to stretch the lash line.
  • Apply the brush vertically to the lash line and zig zag the brush along the lashes for instant volume and liner effect.
  • Use the brush in normal horizontal applications to lengthen, corners, to add depth.
Expert Tips:
  • Tim also said for lighter skin tones with lighter eyes, use brown then tip with black mascara, especially on the outside. It will make your lashes look fuller and your eyes appear bigger!
  • Another idea, Michelle Phan recently told us her quick tip on the go of using a mascara formula as eyeliner. Try it with one of these colors!
What do you think of colored mascara? If you give it a go, tweet us a picture of your lashes @makeupdotcom! Photo: Giorgio Armani Beauty, Thinkstock


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