Angela Melero Feb 15, 2016

We know we’re in the throes of February, but we swear we can see spring getting closer and closer. This means we can start trying out those spring makeup trends we’ve been obsessing over. Not to say that winter makeup looks weren’t fabulous, but we’re just sooo ready for the bright, vibrant hues that will be all the rage in just a few weeks! To properly prep ourselves for spring and all its colorful glory, we’ve been testing out some lovely neon looks. Last week you saw our gorgeous tangerine eyeliner masterpiece. Well, this week we’re spotlighting hot pink eye shadow. Makeup guru Marygene Rose shows us how to get a totally awesome pink eye shadow look that will most definitely turn heads in the spring.

Pink Eye Shadow

Step 1: Prep eyelids with an eye primer. This is incredibly important as the primer will help your eye shadow pigment truly pop and stand out. Take a flat-ended shadow brush and dampen with a bit of water. Dip it in a hot pink, powder-based shadow (Rose used “Savage” from the Urban Decay Electric palette). Draw a thick dramatic line along the upper lash line and wing it softly. The line should cover about half the lid. Build on the color until you reach the level of intensity you want.

Step 2: Take a blending shadow brush and pick up a light amount of your pink shadow. Begin buffing out your shadow line so it extends past the crease. Do not blend past your wing — allow it to be the barrier for your shadow.

Step 3: Wet an angled shadow brush and re-line the upper lash line as you did in Step 1. This will give the lid some added intensity.

Step 4: Apply highlighter on the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.

Photo: Carlos Moscat

Model: Emily Tom



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