how to brighten your complexion

 If you’ve ever been stumped by a complexion that just seems lackluster, we’ve learned there’s one simple solution: brightening up. A glowing, even skin tone (the holy grail of skincare, let’s be honest) is the key to radiance, and with two quick steps it’s surprisingly easy to achieve. Here’s how to get glowing in 60 seconds flat.

30 Seconds: Smart Skincare

Brighten your face from the ground level up, by taking care of your skin with the right products. Exfoliate thoroughly to slough away the dead skin cells of summer, and don’t forget the daily moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Also, try incorporating a serum into your routine that’s specifically aimed at correcting color imperfections and dark spots, reducing redness and evening skin tone. A few of our favorites that hit these marks are Lancôme DreamTone, Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator Skintone Corrector Serum and Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.

30 Seconds: Highlight

Once the glowing groundwork is laid, embellish your radiance by drawing light to your face with a highlighter. If you’re not sure where to highlight and where to contour, check out this handy guide. Some of our all-time favorite highlighters include Dermablend Quick Fix Illuminator, L’Oréal Magic Lumi Highlighter and Sephora Light Touch Highlighter. MDC Tip: Since it’s easier to prevent than undo, don’t forget to load up on your SPF every day this fall, to prevent dark spots and skin damage. Just because the beach time is over, does not mean you should ditch the sunscreen.  Now look at you, you bright young thing!

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