Christiana Molina Aug 15, 2012
In our next in-depth chat with our new Beauty Squad, we more formally introduce you to Brit Morin of Brit + Co. Brit worked in technology at Google for four years before starting her own website, which is most popular for its DIY-meets-tech tricks and tips. Here she tells us all about her secret girl-crush, the one beauty technique this creative junkie still can't quite master and how beauty for her is all about highlighting your best features. How has Brit + Co. evolved since you started it in late 2011? I started it as a way to get back into what I always loved to do, which is making stuff, creating new things and coming up with new ideas, whether that be online or offline. It’s been really remarkable how it's changed. We’re not only doing content and media, which we upload on our site every day, but we’re also building apps. The whole premise is creative solutions for your online or offline life and that covers a number of categories from style, home, food, tech and so forth. The traffic has been amazing. We now have over 2 million followers over all of our social networks. I’ve been on the Today show. I’m also going back in a couple weeks. I’m starting to work with another daytime talk show as a regular correspondent starting this fall. So things are starting to branch out in different types of media. Your first app was a wedding app, right? Yes, it's called Weduary. The wedding app idea dawned on me when I was planning for my own wedding. It’s a way for you to not only easily build a wedding website that’s beautiful, but to connect all of your guests who are coming to the wedding ahead of the event. How do DIY and tech merge exactly? Because of my background and expertise in technology, women are able to relate to me and trust me when it comes to which new apps they should be downloading that can save them time and help them shop easier, and which beauty gadgets they should be using and why. What is your stranded-on-a-deserted-island beauty product? I would have to say cleansing cloths. If I’m on a deserted island, I’m probably sweaty and I don’t want to clog my pores or have a dirty face. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes are good. What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given? Less is more. I think that’s the classic beauty advice that your mom gives you when you’re learning to put on makeup, but it’s honestly my favorite advice because I truly believe that women are beautiful as they are. You don’t need to cover up who you are as a person and what your natural beauty is. I think makeup enhances and highlights your best features. I put a lot of makeup on my eyes because I have pretty big eyes and long eyelashes, and I feel like that’s one of my best features on my face. When did you know you were going to be a beauty addict? My mom subscribed me to YM magazine when I was like eight years old. I think it was her way of having the maturation talk with me without actually having that talk because there were sex articles in it. But then I also started reading about how to put on makeup, what the Beautyblender sponge is and so forth. I think I became addicted then. What was the first-ever beauty product you used? My mom wouldn’t let me wear that many beauty products to start with, so I think mascara was the only beauty product I could use. It was Maybelline Great Lash, which I still think is one of the best mascaras out there. I think I was 10 when I started wearing it. Is there one beauty technique that you still can’t quite master, but you wish you could? I would love to be better at painting my nails, especially because nails are so in right now. I’ll use an eye shadow sponge applicator or nail stickers for nail art. You can’t really go wrong there, but I’m really bad at actually applying polish. If you could maintain only one beauty feature for the rest of your life, what would you choose? I’d focus on skin care. A woman’s face is the most beautiful part of her body and it’s the way she most directly communicates herself. I just got my first chemical peel and a Clarisonic brush. It’s amazing. It’s like a super-exfoliator. Who do you think is the most beautiful person alive today? I have a girl-crush on Halle Berry. She seems comfortable and confident in herself and she's aging beautifully. She’s 46 and she looks like she’s 20. What character trait do you think is the most important for inner beauty? I think confidence is most important. If you are confident in your natural features, I think that really comes across to other people as being beautiful.

Photo: Courtesy of Brit Morin



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