One of the resounding makeup trends for the spring and summer seasons is the barely there makeup look. As women, we all know that doesn’t mean we leave the house completely bare-faced. Nope. It just means we need to give our heavy foundations, powders and eyeliners a rest for a while and go back to basics. Since we’re always down for a shortcut or one-product-fits-all trick, we thought we’d figure out a way to make the no-makeup look as simple as possible … and we succeeded. Enter the miraculous wonders of bronzer. This little product could be all you need to get a clean, fresh face, with some subtle color to boot! Check out our trick to sun-kissed, no-makeup makeup!

bronzer for no makeup makeup

Step 1: Prep your face with lightweight primer, preferably one with a matte or blur-like effect. Because your face is going to be glowing with bronzer, you don’t want to hit shine overload with a shimmery or dewy primer. Try L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Miracle Blur.

Step 2: For this particular look, you’re going to want to go with a liquid-based bronzer that will go on smooth and subtle. A particular favorite of ours is Giorgio Armani Maestro Bronzer. The color should be about two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Don’t go too dark — the key word here is natural. Dab some bronzer on the places the sun naturally hits your skin: top of the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and cheek bones.

Step 3: Using a fluffy bronzer brush (try Lancôme Paris Highlighting Brush #3) blend the color in so there is a natural transition of color. There should be no visible lines or streaks. Start with light application and build on it gradually if more color is needed.

Step 4: Take your brush and lightly work it over your neck and jawline so that the color blends nicely and naturally.

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