Adina Zilberman Jun 15, 2012
Your makeup skills can only be as refined as the tools that you use. Welcome to part one of our essential brushes series. This time, we cover all of the brushes that you will need for a flawless looking complexion. Foundation brush Foundation sets the stage for your look. While most come with application sponges, I urge you to toss them, as they soak up more product than they apply. For liquid, cream, and powder foundations, grab a number 2 brush from Lancôme. The synthetic bristles ensure that the brush applies instead of soaks, while the dense bristles ensure perfect blending and application. Tip: When using a foundation brush, use short, downward strokes, for a more natural look. Complexion brush With a tapered dome head and natural goat-hair bristles, the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is the workhorse of complexion brushes. It not only applies blush like a dream, but its unique shape also lends itself extremely well to both contouring and highlighting, as it has the ability to really get into the crevices of the face. Fibre brush Don't be fooled by this brush's skunk-like appearance, for the results are anything but stinky. With a combination of both natural and synthetic fibers, this large, round, flat-topped brush is perfect for blending away harsh lines and overdone color patches. This is the brush you will want to arm yourself with for flawless, airbrushed results every time you apply. With these three essential face brushes, flawless skin can indeed be yours. Do you want to know what brushes you should use to prep your eyes? Check out Brushes 101: Eyes. Do you want to know our favorite multitasking makeup brushes? Check out Brushes 101: The Multitaskers. What are your favorite makeup brushes?

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