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Don't skimp on those strawberries. A recent University of St. Andrews study found that eating more fruits may lead to a clearer complexion. As the study's participants noshed on more produce, their skin tone looked rosier and they were judged to be better looking overall. "Skin merely manifests the condition of our overall well-being, hence rules of general good health apply," says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch. But fruit isn't the only skin-saving snack in the grocery store. Some of the foods with the biggest beauty bang might surprise you.

Milk  Registered dietician Sharon Richter says that since milk is make up of 90 percent water, it's able to quickly hydrate skin from within. Plus, it is a gentle exfoliator when used topically. Try: Kiehl's Milk, Honey and Almond Scrub. Sesame Seeds   The yummy garnish is high in iron, which helps improve skin tone and clarity. Lean Red Meat  Carnivores rejoice! Red meat is saturated in iron, which helps alleviate dark circles under the eyes, Richter says. Vegetarians can stick with a cooling eye product, like Vichy Aqualia AntiOx Anti-Fatigue Ice-Effect Eye Stick, to tone down puffiness and discoloration. Garlic and Onions  They not only give your food some serious flavor, but they also contain sulfur, which helps keep skin smooth. Cucumbers  Cucumbers are full of water, which helps flush out toxins that may lead to acne or eczema. "The vitamin C in them also helps strengthen the immune system so you see fewer fine lines," Richter says. Cucumber is also ultra-moisturizing when applied directly to the skin. Try: Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night Cream. What are your favorite beauty-boosting foods?

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