Angela Melero Jul 10, 2014

Lately it seems like the beauty world is on a bit of a feline frenzy. Cat eyes of all shapes, colors and sizes are popping up all the time via fashion magazine spreads, beauty blogs and, of course, MDC tutorials. We’ve been chasing this trend for a while now and we have to say, we never met a cat eye we didn’t like — no, love. To prove our undying passion for this look, we are bringing you six of our favorite cat eyes that we know you’ll want to sink your claws into!


1. The Glitter Cat Eye

2. The Framed Cat Eye

3. The Double-Decker Cat Eye

4. The Alternative Cat Eye

5. The Zig-Zag Cat Eye

6. The Gradient Cat Eye

Which of these cat eyes will you be trying? Tell us in the comments below.



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