Yes, there actually are cheap (but nice!) acrylic makeup organizers on the market.

Everyone organizes their makeup differently, whether that means you’re content storing all your products in one large heap or having a specific, designated home for your skincare staples, makeup and hair care. But something we can all agree on is that acrylic organizers have taken over Instagram and the beauty organizing world in general. There’s just something that looks extra luxe about acrylic organizers — they take your vanity from drab to Instagram-worthy in a second.

But the annoying thing about acrylic organizers is that they tend to be expensive, which is why we stalked the Internet to seek out the most affordable ones out there. Scroll through to see seven cheap acrylic makeup organizers to store all of your beauty products — from nail polish and lipstick to makeup palettes and cotton swabs. They’re surprisingly chic for the price.


1. MagnaPods, $9.99

As the name suggests, MagnaPods are magnetic organizers that are ideal for storing eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner and other small products.


2. 24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer, $6.99

If you’re a lipgloss or lipstick hoarder, this acrylic organizer can fit up to 24 products. 


3. Small Acrylic Hinge-Lid Box, $3.99

This super-affordable, small hinge-lid box will take up very little space on your vanity. It’s great for storing your cotton balls and swabs.


4. Groovi 12 Count Nail Polish Holder, $9.99

To organize your nail polish as nicely as your lipstick, give each one a spot in this 12 compartment nail polish holder. Organize by color to make it look extra fancy.


5. Soho Cosmetic Organizer Beauty Cup, $6.99

This four compartment storage cup is ideal for organizing makeup brushes of different sizes.


6. InterDesign Palette Organizer, $6.99

Store all your makeup palettes in this textured, acrylic organizer. 


7. Acrylic Drawer Insert, $7.99

This insert lets you create an additional level of storage to sit on top of a drawer. 

Hero Image Via @styledbykasey on Instagram

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