Kristen Oldham Jul 24, 2012
Inspiration for nail art is everywhere. Want proof? When polish addict and Little Nails blogger, Rosie, stumbled upon an Agent18 iPhone case, she loved the color combo and design so much that she created a look-alike manicure. Here's how she did it. What you need: Base coat. Try: OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. Gold nail polish. Try: CND Nail Colour in Gold Chrome. Aqua striping nail polish. Try: It's So Easy Stripe Rite Paint in Aqua. Top coat. Try: Poshe Super Fast Drying Top Coat. Dotting tool or bobby pin. Try: Sephora Collection Nail Art Set. How to do it: Step 1: Apply the base coat and two to three coats of the gold nail polish. Tip: To speed up the drying process, Rosie says, "I apply thin coats, and leave each coat for about a minute or so before moving onto the next." Step 2: Create the chevron design on three of your nails. Paint a zigzag pattern across each with the aqua striping nail polish. Place both wrists on a table when creating the lines to help keep your hands steady. The lines should be as identical as possible to get the right effect. Tip: "Getting the first zigzag [line] right is the most important," Rosie says. "When you're following it [for the subsequent lines], if it's crooked, you have to go with it. Then the rest of the design will be crooked." Step 3: Pour a bit of the aqua nail polish on a paper plate or piece of plastic. Then dab your dotting tool or the tip of a bobby pin into the polish. Create perfect dots on your remaining nails. The chevron design is time-consuming, so applying dots on two of five nails will make the overall look more manageable and fun. Tip: To make the dots appear more uniform, Rosie says she uses the first line of dots to form a kind of grid. Step 4: Wait five minutes for your nails to dry before applying the base coat. Where was the last place you found inspiration for a beauty look?

Photo: Courtesy of Rosie



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