Chevron accessories? Check. Chevron for the home? Yes, please! Chevron nails? Who has the time, right? Wrong. Before you dismiss chevron nails for obvious reasons (hours with our dotting tool is not how we want to spend our evenings either), take a look at our nail art novice solution to the otherwise challenging chevron manicure. How to do a diy chevron manicure Supplies Directions
  1. Paint the base color. Use the lightest shade of your polish options as your base.
  2. Paint 2-3 coats of each color across the tape. Paint your chevron stripe colors on the tape as you would if you were painting your nails. Once the color is opaque, allow the tape and your nails to dry.
  3. Cut the tape into chevron pieces. Take a pair of zig-zag craft scissors and horizontally cut the lacquered tape into strips of whatever width you prefer.
  4. Arrange the strips on nails. Carefully place the chevron strips across each nail and smooth them out. Take a small pair of scissors (we used a cuticle scissor) and snip off the excess tape.
  5. Seal in the strips with a layer of top coat. Et voilà, chevron nails and not a striping tool in sight!
What nail art trend should we feature in our next edition of Manicure Monday? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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