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Throwback Thursday: Four Childhood Hairstyles Grown Up

There was a time when your interest in your mom’s beauty products far outweighed your interest in a 401K plan. These days, whimsy is often replaced with practicality. Sure, balancing your budget and meeting your career goals are valuable pursuits, but having a little fun is good for the soul. Relive a bit of your childhood with our favorite grown-up versions of childhood hairstyles.
childhood hairstyles

The Half-Pony

Long locks flowing down your back and framing your face without the obnoxious side effect of hair in your eyes? This is a big beauty win in our books. Enter the polished half-pony.

Grown-Up Pigtails

Pigtails are a classic childhood staple across many generations. They’re playful and they’re easy to style, so what’s not to love about this voluminous version that looks a bit more polished than premature?

The Topsy Tail

This cascading hairstyle was a hit among children of the ’90s. With our simple tutorial, it’ll be a hit among the 18+ set as well.

Crimped Hair

There’s the curling iron, then there’s the straightener. But the crimper is on a whole ’nother level. Ever craved this old style in the current age? Try this spin.
What hairstyles were your favorites as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!
Photos: Joshua M Shelton Photography
Hair and Makeup: Elyse Reneau, Jessica Scatlin
Models: Arielle Raycene, Deven Hopp, and Erin Laine


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