Caitlin Larwood Aug 6, 2013
Boardwalk Empire Beauty Christiane Seidel graced the red carpet with flawless dewy skin, a bronzed smoky eye and a light pink lip at the “Self Rocks the Summer” party at the Dream Downtown. She broke away from the more simple beauty approach that Sigrid Mueller takes on “Boardwalk Empire” to talk about her day-to-day routine and the colors she is rocking this summer. How would you describe your real life look? Really casual actually. Working on set and going to events, I’m always made up, so I really enjoy not doing much day-to-day. Because I’m a red head and have no eye lashes if I don’t put mascara on, I will always wear mascara—eye lashes and eye brows are a must. What do you wear on your face? I wear SPF every day. I really like the tinted SPF 50 SkinCeuticals sunscreen. That gives my skin a nice tint, so I don’t usually use any foundation. I do use concealer here and there. I love going with as little skin makeup as possible. How would you explain the difference between what we see on “Boardwalk Empire” versus real life? Oh wow, well on “Boardwalk” I look so dowdy! But even though it looks like I’m wearing nothing—they put a lot of makeup on me. How long does it take to do your makeup for the show? It depends on my skin that day, but it usually takes about 30-40 minutes to do my makeup completely. Do you have any input on your makeup when on set? Well…I will drop subtle hints like “Can I have a little more eye brows?” or “I think I should have a tiny bit of mascara today.” They are so sweet—they always say they want me to feel good so if it’s justifiable they will say “ok, I’ll give you a bit more.” For the summer, what is your go-to lip color? I love a coral, like a pink-ish coral. I started using a great shade from tarte called Bold. It is a real popping red color. It is hard to find the right red for me: too dark and I look like a Grandma and my lips look very tiny. This is the one really red lipstick that pops because it goes more into the coral/orange shades. Nail color for the summer? Popping pink, but not too neon. And I like gold. I still haven’t figured out the blues and greens on my hands, but occasionally I’ll do dark green or teal on my toes. I love nail art, but I haven’t explored that yet either. I love funky nails – I have to learn how to do it myself. How does being a redhead affect your beauty routine? It affects it a lot in fact. There are certain things I cannot do as a red head. Like I said, I can’t wear a lot of red shades on my lips. They can’t be too dark. I can’t experiment with too many colors on my eye lids. I’m very fair so I can get red very easily. I wear mostly warm colors—bronze/brownish. I like a lot of heavy pigmented gold and bronze eye shadows and always soft tones. I’m really all about the mascara too—eye lashes and eyebrows are key for a red head. When I found out about eyebrows, my life changed. Editor’s Note: Click here for more red head beauty tips! Photo: Courtesy of essie and Conde Nast


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