We all know that the makeup world is a living, breathing thing that is constantly changing and evolving. However, there are some looks with serious staying power that have managed to stay relevant and popular over the years. The cat eye and bright red lip are two such looks that have surpassed the “trendy” stage and sailed right into “classic” territory. We have love for both looks equally and are having trouble deciding which one we prefer. Check out our arguments for both the cat eye and red lip and see if you can decide which team you’re on!


Red Lips 

Why They’re a Classic

If this throwdown was based on longevity, red lips would be a winner by a long shot … like, Ancient Egypt long. In fact, one of the first accounts of red lipstick dates back to the original trend-setter: Queen Cleopatra. Since makeup brands like NYX and Maybelline weren’t around to meet her cosmetics needs, it’s said the queen improvised by crushing beetles and ants to create a red lip tint. Now, that’s dedication to red lips.

Centuries later, the red lip still hasn’t lost any steam. Whether in deep maroon and oxblood shades or coral and crimson hues, this color has a special place in virtually every makeup lover’s heart. There’s just something about a quick swipe of red lipstick that sends our self-esteem soaring and transforms a look in literally seconds. If you haven’t experienced this shot of red-lipstick-induced adrenaline, stop what you’re doing and take in one of these tutorials:

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The Cat Eye 

Why It’s a Classic

OK, so the cat eye may not get longevity points, but it certainly wins in the sass department, right? Although the cat eye has been rocked for decades (it was the look of choice for Old Hollywood actresses like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn), it’s experienced a revival of sorts in recent years … and with good reason. This winged look truly has a magical effect on the eyes.

Not only does the cat eye give even the simplest of makeup looks a chic edge, but it also lends a youthful one. The look makes the eyes appear lifted and fresher-looking. And, the right cat eye shape can even create the illusion of larger, brighter eyes. Any look that shaves a year or two off your is a winner in our book! Wanna try the cat eye on for size? Try out one of these fun and funky cat eye tutorials:

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Now that we’ve loaded you up on the classics, time to move on to more makeup tips and tutorials?

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