Jul 19, 2015

Twenty years have passed since Clueless first hit the screen, but our feelings for the characters (and the fashion) haven’t changed a bit. Like, us you can probably quote the movie like no one’s business and have each and every knee-high-infused outfit engrained in your memory. There’s no shame in that. You probably also know that the movie we’ve loved and cherished for so many years turned 20 this year. Can you believe it? To celebrate the cult classic, we came up with a fun beauty quiz to help you channel you inner Cher, Dee or Tai. Happy birthday Clueless!

Clueless Quiz

1. How would you describe your look?

a. Ever-evolving, just like me.
b. Unpredictable and edgy
c. Understated

2.  Your biggest fear is:

a. Being called “ensembly challenged.” Yikes!
b. Being labeled “basic” or “simple.” As if!
c. Death by eyelash curler.

3. What’s your dream city?

a. Chic and elegant Paris
b. Energetic and exciting New York
c. Über-hipster Seattle

4.  What’s your signature clothing item?

a. A crisp blazer, because it’s so versatile.
b. A leather mini skirt.
c. My favorite worn-in jeans.

5. What show can you not get enough of?

a. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They’re such survivors.
b. Empire. Cookie’s my hero.
c. Arrested Development. I laugh for hours.

6. What beauty product do you always have on hand?

a. Coral lipstick. It’s fun, versatile and works with multiple outfits.
b. Black eyeliner. My eye game needs to be on point at all times.
c. Cream blush. I like to have a little natural flush going.

If You’re...

Mostly As: Cher Horowitz

For you, makeup is just another channel for you to express yourself, and you are one expressive gal. Your look is far from uniform and instead changes with your moods and interests. One day you might want a more conservative look to go with your “most capable-looking outfit,” while on another day you’ll wanna turn up the heat to impress that guy you’ve been cruising. After all, spontaneity and fun are what makeup and fashion are all about (duh).

Mostly Bs: Dionne “Dee” Davenport

Let’s be honest: You’re the hippest girl in your crew and your sage beauty advice is definitely appreciated among your friends (mainly because you tell it like it is). You aren’t one to follow trends — you create them. You’re quite the risk-taker and have no qualms about trying a look that’s a bit edgy and out there. As long as it doesn’t involve polyester hair, you’re game!

Mostly Cs: Tai Frasier

In your heart of hearts, you’re a girl who likes to be comfortable. Some would even label you as a hippie. Whatever, there’s nothing wrong with going au naturel. Now that doesn’t mean you shy away from the latest makeup or fashion trends. You just like to spin them so you keep the essence of the trend while still looking like you. Your daily go-to beauty routine consists of a more understated, “no makeup” face with a pop of color via a tinted lip balm or stain. You also have no problems asking your friends for a little help in the beauty department now and then (we mean “sporadically”).

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About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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