Jessyca Dewey Jul 29, 2014

We find beauty inspiration in everything, but we find it even more after we’ve had a delicious cocktail (or three). And after a long day, there’s nothing that sounds better to us than a swipe of lipstick and a cold, fresh drink. The beverage choices available these days are nearly endless, but our current drinks of choice from Tastemade just happen to be as pretty as some of our favorite makeup looks. So why not pair them together? You didn’t have to tell us twice.

cocktail beauty

Click the links below to find out how to create any one of these cocktail-inspired looks! 

The Mango Margarita
Craving a tropical spin on this traditional tequila cocktail? Mango makes for a great drink and a great eye shadow color!

The Paloma
Grapefruit packs a pretty punch in this cocktail and its inspired makeup look.

The Blackberry Punch
Blackberries have such a complex, alluring color. This cocktail and makeup combo does, too!

Which of these looks (and drinks!) are your favorites? Sound off in the comments!



About the Author:As managing editor, Jessyca works with the team to develop the vision and bring it to life on the page.

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